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Why Functional Nutrition?

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

If you are like me you have been to various doctors and taken medication and you still struggled to feel better. I could see some improvements in my condition with dietary changes but I was still chasing symptoms. Every step of the way it led me closer to functional nutrition.

Functional Nutrition works at getting to the root of our symptoms. Symptoms are like branches of a tree. If a tree had pesky parasites eating at its roots would treating the branches fix the problem? No, you have to address the health of the roots and the branches will show improvement. We need to explore the root of our issues so that we can manage our symptoms.

The question is why did I develop these conditions? Most people would say genetics of course! Or maybe you would say diet, lifestyle, trauma, leaky gut, and even toxins; and you would be right. There is a host of things that lead to the development of disease. It takes a perfect storm which isn’t hard to accomplish now days.

But what do you do about that perfect storm? Well with functional nutrition you begin deconstructing it. For me it started with my gut that I knew was allowing things into my blood stream because I was steadily developing more and more food sensitivities and intolerances. I had to address foods that I couldn’t digest, caused bloating, and promoted inflammation. I begin to realize what normal eliminations really were and what it felt like to not be bloated. I could spend all day on the gut alone! Although I saw some improvements I still had struggles. I don’t think it had really set in that stress was a big factor for me.

Functional nutrition looks at a person as a whole being recognizing all the connections. I began to tell my story as was recommended in my studies and I chose to tell it to another coach. That story helped me see the connection between my mind and body. I think that is why I decided to write my first blog about how our thoughts affect us as much as the food we put in our mouth. I began to realize that childhood and adulthood trauma was part of the root of my health issues. It was at that point that I truly began to change my health.

While I was making dietary and supplement choices to support my gut and my immune system I also need to address my mind and nervous system. I love how Andrea Nakayama with Functional Nutrition Alliance says to “clear the muddy waters” then you can truly see what’s below the surface. I had eliminated various foods which had lowered my thyroid antibodies, reduced gut symptoms and finally took weight off that stayed off. I became my own advocate with my doctors because I was informed and I could ask for the things that I needed.

Functional nutrition fills the gap between you and your doctor. Even with a great doctor they don’t always have the time to listen to your story and help you recognize what needs addressed. They aren’t going to have nutrition sessions to educate you and help you recognize patterns or motivate you to eliminate things from your diet and reduce stress. As a nutrition coach I want to help people implement their doctors recommendations and recognize the why? Someday you will realize you are managing your illness and not chasing symptoms. That is what functional nutrition coaching can do for you!

I am interested in your story! Visit my website and schedule time with me at no cost. We can explore if working with me is the next step in your personal transformation. Please stay tune for helpful tips and info on my page and my website.

By Shirey Horner


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