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My Journey Led Me To Functional Nutrition

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

The development of my business stemmed from my own journey to replenish, repair and restore my health. In order for an auto immune disease to develop you have to have genetics, a gut that allows food into your blood stream and a trigger. It takes a perfect storm which isn’t hard to accomplish. For me that storm started with trauma.

When I was young my father took his life. I remember growing up with this big elephant in the room. Anytime I answered questions about him I could hear a pen drop. Just the other day I experienced that same awkwardness when someone asked me what happen to my sister because I am raising my niece. The only difference is that I vowed to be the parent my mother couldn't be. Growing up with family members that suffered mentally, emotionally, physically and with drug and alcohol abuse helped me to see that I wanted to have a career in helping others heal. After losing my little sister I lost 5 more family members.

So here I am dealing with grief and felt disillusioned with the medical community because I wasn’t getting resolution of my anxiety, hormonal imbalances, pain and weight gain. Being a personal trainer and nutrition coach for many years I knew that my lifestyle and diet had something to do with it but no one was talking about it. My research led me to functional nutrition which took into account every aspect of my life to find out the root of my problems. I eliminated foods that caused digestive issues and inflammation. I began to deal with trauma because when your fight or flight response is turned on all the time you can’t heal. I gradually lowered my anxiety, improved gut symptoms and finally took weight off that stayed off.

Functional nutrition fills the gap between you and your doctor. Even with a great doctor they don’t always have the time to listen to your story and educate you. As a nutrition coach I want to help people implement their doctor's recommendations and recognize the why. Someday you will realize you are managing your illness and not chasing symptoms. That is what functional nutrition coaching can do for you!

I am interested in your story! Schedule a free session to tell me about yours. Sharing my story was a step that helped me to began to heal and get the validation that I truly needed. You matter and you deserve to be heard, happy and healthy!

By Shirey Horner


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