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Reach Root Resolution Program


Step 1: Getting to Know You and Your Biology, 3 Sessions

Our goal is to learn about you and your unique physiology so that we can start getting to the root of symptoms. We will evaluate your beliefs around your health so you can begin to look at your journey as a process rather feeling like your symptoms control your life. We will evaluate your health history, diet and lifestyle so we can understand your body. Maybe you are waking up at 3:00 am every night or you notice that you hit

a slump at 2:00 pm every afternoon. By deciphering what your body is telling us we will make a plan tailored to you!

Step 2: Addressing the Gut and the Connection to the Nervous System 

Your gut is the root of many issues because it consist of bacteria that either aids in digestion and hormone production or contributes to symptoms like bloating, constipation, low energy, and weight gain. Have you had intense cravings for sugar and just assumed that it was a lack of willpower? An imbalance of bad gut bacteria could be calling the shots. We often don’t realize that our thoughts, cravings and even emotions are affected by our gut. At this stage we want to address any gut issues you are experiencing which could include parasites and start working on ways we can alleviate or reduce those symptoms. The Vagus Nerve connects your Gut to your Brain and has the power to promote healing or if untoned cause chronic illness.  You will know how you can support your nervous system and your gut  through your diet and lifestyle so you can address symptoms and get real results.

Step 3: Detoxification


Detoxification pathways need to be open and flowing in order to improve your health and relieve symptoms. You will learn how to encourage lymphatic drainage, blood flow and more.  We will address nutrients needed to aid in methylation, a vital process to bind to toxins so you can get rid of them. We will address liver and gallbladder congestion so you can detox properly and improve digestion. You  will also consider ways to combat or reduce toxic exposure from industrial chemicals, mold, and heavy metals. These factors can damage the gut and suppress your immune system. 

Step 4: Cutting Inflammation

Many of us have inflammation silently lurking and promoting symptoms. The previous steps should have reduced inflammation so if we are still contending with symptoms of high inflammation we may need to dig further or up our game. You have probably dealt with stress at work or in the family and suddenly you realize your back is aching or you just feel completely exhausted. Inflammation can be the trigger for many symptoms and women are no strangers to it because we are care takers and multi-taskers. You will know how you can control inflammation by managing stress, recognizing dietary triggers and becoming aware of how our emotions and our thoughts could be contributing to our issues. Not only will you get to the root of symptoms you will develop a peaceful and fulfilling routine of self-care.

Step 5: Destination Unlimited

Now that you have made amazing changes, alleviated some of your symptoms and gotten to the root of others, we want to focus on any challenges that could be a roadblock to your success or that merit a conversation with your doctor. Maybe you are struggling with emotional eating or have questions about the hormonal challenges that could be keeping you from a good night’s sleep. We will walk through the conversation you can have with your doctor, identify next steps and put a realistic, achievable plan in place to support and guide you on the rest of your journey so you can manage your health and still enjoy life the way you want to.

Would you like to discuss if my program is a fit for you? Schedule a Free Session 

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