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Shirey Horner

Bachelor of Science in Human and Health Performances, ACSM Exercise Physiologist, PN1 Certified Nutrition Coach and Certified Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner 

I am also a Mother, Wife, Avid Reader & Researcher (AKA Google Addict), Bible Teacher, Fitness Enthusiast, Animal Lover, Hashimoto's and Ehlers Danlos Warrior and Trauma Survivor 

My Story

Triple R Nutrition emerged from my own journey to Replenish, Repair and Restore my health.  I have been helping women for 20 years to lead happier and healthier lives. Although I consider myself in so many ways a survivor, I don't regret what I have been through because my experiences benefit you!


My career path really began in my teens when I decided that I wanted a healthier life.  I grew up around family members that suffered with mental and physical problems as well as drug and alcohol issues.  During that time I found my faith and began making changes to better my health in every aspect. I took an anatomy class in high school that intrigued me so much I knew I wanted to pursue something in health and wellness.

I came home from school and told my older sister who was suffering with health issues that based on my studies in anatomy class she had a mitral valve leak.  It wasn't until a year later and she had moved to another state that a doctor diagnosed her with a major mitral valve leak and she had open heart surgery.  You would think this would lead me to pursuing being a doctor, right?

No, I didn't want to be stuck in a hospital or clinic, which I felt would be depressing. Instead I became a personal trainer and nutrition coach.  I loved my job for years but symptoms slowly crept on despite my best efforts and numerous doctors. I was also going through grief from losing 2 of my sisters as well as 4 other family members.  I began searching and it led me to Functional Nutrition. Functional Nutrition gets to the root of symptoms by looking at every aspect of your lifestyle even the connection between your mind and body.

Little by little I began peeling back the layers and my symptoms slowly improved.  I lost 40 pounds, learned to manage digestive issues, reduced pain, got my hormones in balance, and lowered anxiety.  Even with all I did I could feel it that there was something more.  I had a good Functional Doctor to manage my treatment and one day I asked for heavy metal testing. Boom! The lights finally came on, I had heavy metal toxicity from numerous metals. My liver wasn't detoxing properly. You assume that was the end of it but generally those detoxification channels become impaired for various reasons and I was suffering from a lot of them. I had mold exposure, trauma, a MTHFR gene mutation and parasites. I began to truly understand what root resolution means. I look forward to sharing that with you. 

While my health is a work in progress, I can do things I haven't done in years and I am no longer chasing symptoms.  I have been through pain, loss, discouragement and frustration. But between my faith and Functional Nutrition I am not lost.  I have a destination and I look forward to helping others find theirs.  I could think, "how did I get such horrible genetics, or why did I do that or this" but instead I view it as more tools in my arsenal to help you! Don't take 20 years to find resolution or manage your health like I did. Let me show you the short cuts. 

I would love to hear your story! Book a free How to Get to the Root of Symptoms Session and share yours.

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