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Hello! I am Shirey Horner
Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner and Exercise Physiologist

I help women who are struggling with low energy, digestive issues and weight gain to get to the root of symptoms so they can manage their health, and enjoy life more fully.

Are you worn out and frustrated dealing with low energy, weight gain, digestive issues or other symptoms but you have no idea where to start or what to do?

Maybe you wake up exhausted after what should be a full night’s rest.

Then you struggle to pick out clothes that fit because your weight is climbing and you feel bloated even though you are following your diet.

Or despite your best efforts you can't kick that mid-afternoon low and intense cravings?

I promise! It isn't just a matter of will power, your body is trying to tell you something. Take the Symptom Tracker Assessment to discover what is really happening and get to the root of symptoms.

You will learn what's actually stopping you from getting the results you want no matter what you try so you can enjoy life the way you want to!
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Functional Nutrition:
Getting to the Roots 
Believe me I understand the frustration of struggling with weight, digestive issues, and waking up feeling unrested.


I was a personal trainer and nutrition coach but I was still stuck. I remember doing 30 mile bike rides yet watching the scales climb.

My search led me to Functional Nutrition which focuses on getting to the root of symptoms rather then just treating them. I addressed digestion, inflammation and even my genes to cut cravings, lose weight, and alleviate digestive issues. It is possible for you too!

Learn more about how Functional Nutrition has changed my life and how my experience will
be passed on to you!

My Program to Reach Root Resolution

Book a free session so you can learn how to get to the root of your symptoms. (3).png

A Healthier and Happier You

Enjoy a step by step program in my ABC's to Wellness&Weight-loss EBook focusing on addressing the gut, balancing blood sugar and cutting inflammation so you can decide the destination of your health journey.


You will get to the root of symptoms or your inability to reach goals, understand your unique physiology, learn simple steps to change habits, and know how to manage your health and wellness.

Check out what your journey will be as you work through each step.

Contact Me!

Get in touch for questions or Book your free session to learn How to Get to the Root of Symptoms!

Enid, OK, USA


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